Boo-update !

Hello early booleeters,

Une grosse update arrive bientôt, vous nous inspirez chaque jour.

Au programme :

- Des notifications par email pour ne jamais louper une occasion de remporter un challenge haut la main. (qui a dit peau de lapin?)

- Le mode collaboration: vous pourrez vous inclure dans un challenge ou choisir de motiver deux potes à le faire pour gagner plus. C’est vous qui décidez.

- Des challenges avec des attributions de points suivant la difficulté du challenge à accomplir : plus c’est difficile, plus vous serez récompensé.

- de nouvelles catégories, de nouvelles phrases qui nous font déjà trépigner d’impatience dans la Team.

Continuez de jouer, toute votre expérience sera conservée lors de la mise à jour, et vous aurez même droit à quelques avantages en tant que “happy first users” !

Amusez-vous, profitez les uns des autres, rencontrez-vous !

By the way, as you’re almost all little frenchies for now, we thought it could be helpfull to speak our native language in the blog.

Here’s a translation for our “VFUU” -very first US users- : 

We’re working on a big update:

-Email notifications. You’ll never miss a chance to have fun, win more points & meet new people.

- Collaboration mode : That will be the major update ! You will be able to add yourself to the challenge, or you could always challenge two friends and win more.

- Each challenge will have a special value in XP : it’s easier to drink a coffee than trying to pick up someone: the more difficult the challenge will be, the more points you’ll get.

- We’re working on new categories & new sentences, you’ll be able to proove that you’re a real lover, a true survivalist or a very inspired artist… 

Don’t hesitate to play and send us some feedback , our small team is happy to see you there !



Boo, F5!

Hello booleeters,

An update is coming for Christmas, you should press F5 to see our newest updates. (we’re working on making this automatic :) )

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook or Twitter, we will explain you everything in detail.

Major changes:

- Now you can launch a 48 hours challenge between your friends : if you boost them, they could have more time to do the mission and you’ll get a chance to win some points. Booleet tip: The first level is not so far, keep playing safely with people you know or match friends you both know but don’t know each other, that’s your choice.

- Profile update: from the top bar menu, you can now click directly on your picture to go to your profile. Settings and Log out have moved to the small arrow.

- An updated “How it works” page.

Booleet aim is to make people take action in real life by making fun, good and challenging missions.

To sign up, you should be invited by someone who is already enrolled in the game. If uou already have friends on Booleet? ask them to challenge you. :)

Merry Christmas to all !


Social networks life s*£^^ !

Do you remember how it was when social networking meant partying, going to see your cousins, helping your neighborhood during the snow falls, or just having fun with friends of your friends?

Social life isn’t just about updating a timeline, it’s about having relationships with people. Short, fun, long, emotional or rational, this is life.

We considered that we need a game to push the boundaries of social networks, a game that helps people to challenge their friends again, a game that rewards the coolest or the shyest or the trendiest people equally.  We want to motivate and engage people by applying game design techniques and mechanics to non-game situations.

Life is not a game, but through gaming we can take our social life to the next level.

Are you ready?


Hard to win, easy to wear :)

You could tell you were here at the very beginning, ask yours @booleet.


Show up and say BOO to booleet !

We’re so excited in building a new playground to help you play and interact with your friends, and with the friends of your friends, and even with mega stars on Twitter or Facebook.

We’re a small french team based in Paris (oh, ok, near Paris, but we’re just a few meters behind the peripheric) and we have little ideas to make real life as fun as online gaming.

Booleet (pronounce it how you want) will be the place where you’ll have your next big smile.